Middlebrook Pines

  • Middlebrook Pines property has 87 buildings encompassing 344 living units and one clubhouse..
  • Recreation facilities include 1 pool, 2 tennis courts, and 2 racquetball courts.
  • Each living unit is 1285 square feet.
  • Phase one of Middlebrook Pines construction began in 1984.
  • The 4 exterior lights on the buildings are each powered by one unit in the building. Before reporting a light out, please check to see if the unit that controls that light is vacant.
  • On the same side of your unit as your water meters, you will find the on/off valve for your water main. It is suggested that water be turned off to the unit prior to going away for a extended period of time.
  • Above the main water valve, you will see a pipe coming out of the wall.  This pipe is for the hot water heater overflow. If water is seen flowing from this pipe, it means that there is a problem with the water heater in that unit.
  • All plumbing in the building runs behind the drywall in your unit, up through the ceiling in the laundry room to the Guest bathroom, and up in the living room soffit to the Master bathroom.
  • There is no plumbing beneath the slab.
  • The units were originally built with copper piping.  Due to chronic pinhole leaks, many homeowners have re-plumbed their units.
  • These units are constructed with solid concrete.
  • Once the slab was completed, a mold was then brought in and filled with liquid concrete.
  • There are approximately 6” of solid concrete between you and your neighbors and between the 1st and 2nd floors.
  • The roof is a membrane style roof.  Placing anything on the roof will void the warrantee and is strictly prohibited.
  • The shakes on the side of the building at the roofline are facade only.  Originally, they were constructed of Cedar.  In 2018-2019 all were replaced with Stone coated metal.
  • The fences are cypress.
  • The dryer and bathrooms vent through the roof.
  • The stove vents to the outside directly through the kitchen wall.
  • Our Clubhouse underwent a major renovation in 2003 in order to make it a usable space for owners/residents to use for gatherings. A kitchen was added including a sink with food disposal, additional workspace, refrigerator, oven, and a microwave/convection oven. This space can be used by any homeowner or resident by booking it with the Property Manager and providing a fully refundable cash deposit. (Fully refundable once inspected and found to have no damage)

Rules and Regulations

The rules and regulations are in place so that we can be proud of the community that we live in and so that property values can continue to increase. Let’s face it, our home is our largest investment.  All governing documents can be found on the “Documents” tab.  It is very important to familiarize yourself with these rules and regulations to avoid spending money to modify your unit, which may violate the rules, and then have to spend more money to conform to the rule. Examples of this are below.

  • Painting your front door a different color. (The exterior look of the units must remain consistent)
  • Painting your patio slab a bright color which reflects on the walls.
  • Putting decorations or personal Address numbers on your fence
  • Planting items in the “common areas” outside of your unit.
  • Planting items on your patio, which grow and damage the fence or building exterior.
  • Attaching items to the balconies or exterior of unit.

If in doubt, call the office and we will happily give you guidance. Or even better, send the Property Manager an email from this website.