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Community News – March 2017

by  | Mar 27, 2017 | Community News


Community News – March 2017

What a wonderful spring weather we are having!!  We hope that everyone is able to get out and enjoy some time outside, enjoying the Florida flora and fauna during this wonderful time of the year!


Annual Meeting

Our Annual Meeting will be held at the Clubhouse on Wednesday, April 5 at 7:00 pm.  MBP owners should have already received the Annual Meeting packet which also includes four new Architectural Guidelines that have been adopted by the BOD and a newsletter synopsis of what has occurred at MBP during the past year.


Our only order of business is the election of Board Members for the four open positions.  Since there are only three volunteers submitted for the four positions, Marlene Ward, Ricardo Torres, and Tony Alivento will continue to serve on the Board and one position will remain open.


Though the meeting will be short, we invite owners who are able and interested to come out, meet your Board of Directors and present questions or comments that you may have.


Landscape Updates

  • You may notice that in certain areas of the property, shrubs are being removed and replaced with sod on the brick side of some of our buildings. Based on research and findings of what other properties just like ours in south Florida are doing, which was presented by Larry Palmisciano, we found that this is a much more appealing and open appearance for the property in some areas.
  • We have completed landscape replacement for the south side of Bamboo Court.
  • Landscape replacement has been approved for the clubhouse area at a cost of $2100.00.
  • Landscape replacement has been approved for the north side of Bamboo Court at a cost of $5126.00. This work should be completed in April.
  • A separate proposal for 3 areas on Bamboo court which are landscape islands extending into the parking areas was submitted and approved at a cost of $3610.00. In these areas we have Laurel Oaks that are overcome with mistletoe and need to be removed.  Additionally, roots, irrigation, and time have created a bed which is raised, sandy, and in which nothing will grow.  The trees will be removed, the bed will be dug out and leveled and sod will be installed.  In the two larger islands, the Laurel Oaks will be replaced with Magnolia trees.
  • The property north of the canal on MBP property (Bamboo, Coral, Cypress, and Willow courts) will be receiving mulch in April which will complete the installation of mulch for the property. The cost for this 2nd phase of mulch is $36,450.00.

Board of Directors

– Ruby Bussinger

Vice President
– Britta Jarvis

– Joyce Steinhardt

Board Members
– Wui Goh
– Mary Hawks
– Andrew Robinson

Property Manager
-Keith Kiebzak

Miscellaneous Topics

  • Our Property Manager, Keith, has been doing some thorough research and comparison of the multiple insurance policies that we carry for Middlebrook Pines property and corporation. We have found that there are opportunities for policies that better fit our needs and provide better coverage.  We will be making these changes in the coming months.
  • Work has begun to holistically investigate materials, durability, cost, and recommendations for replacement of shake/shingles on the building sides as well as fence material. There is no immediate timeline for the replacement, however we know that we will need a product change for the shake/shingles.  Doing this research now will help us to make decisions related to budgeting and scheduling.  Our goal is to begin replacement sooner than is currently scheduled by our Reserve Schedule in order to stop spending money on repairs.
  • Covers for outdoor storage – As reviewed in the previous update, please review the guidelines which permit the installation of covers for the outdoor storage area.
  • Air Conditioner Replacement – As reviewed in the previous update, please review the guidelines which permit the needs to upgrade your AC condenser unit.
  • We are finding owners or residents which have installed cameras to their fence, buildings, or in landscape areas. While we understand the reasons and wish to have surveillance, you must have Board approval prior to installing anything in the exterior areas.  Please submit a request to the BOD prior to installing a camera to save yourself some frustration and perhaps wasting money.  We are reviewing the possibility of developing surveillance camera installation guidelines for future use but feel it necessary to first proceed with getting a legal opinion as to whether the installation of any cameras present any legal liability to the Association and Homeowners of MBP.


Miscellaneous Maintenance

  • Buildings 26 through 38 are scheduled to be repainted this fiscal year and painting should begin this week. We anticipate that it will take approximately nine weeks to complete these 13 buildings.
  • We are addressing a few places on the property where aging drainage in walkway areas is failing and needs to be replaced.


Rules and Regulations – Reminder

Owners should be aware that each unit is directly responsible for the wiring and power to one of the exterior lights on the building.  If your unit is vacant due to being a seasonal residence, or is between rental residents, you are still responsible to provide minimal power to the unit in order to power this exterior lighting.



Words to Live by

People will try to tell you that all the great opportunities have been snapped up.  In reality, the world changes every second, blowing new opportunities in all directions, including yours

Ken Hakuta