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Community News – May 2017

by Middlebrook Pines | May 22, 2017 | Community News

Community News – May 2017

Summer has definitely arrived!!  We hope that everyone is busy making plans for summertime vacations with friends and family!!

Annual Meeting

Our Annual Meeting was held at the Clubhouse on Wednesday, April 5 at 7:00 pm.  Our only order of business was the election of Board Members for the four open positions.  Since there were only three volunteers submitted for the four positions, Marlene Ward, Ricardo Torres, and Tony Alivento will continue to serve on the Board and one position will remain open.

An Organization meeting was held immediately following the Annual Meeting.  The outcome of that Meeting yielded the following results…

  • Ruby Bussinger – President
  • Tony Alivento – Vice President
  • Joyce Steinhardt – Secretary and Treasurer
  • Marlene Ward – Board Member
  • Larry Palmisciano – Board Member
  • Ricardo Torres – Board Member
  • One Board Member position remains open

I (Ruby) would like to recognize and express my sincere appreciation for these Board Members that continue to volunteer their personal time and remain fully committed to ensure that our Middlebrook Pines community and property continues to thrive and improve.

Landscape Updates

  • The landscape replacement and mulch work has been completed on the property for fiscal year 2017 and the property is looking fantastic! We will begin assessing needs for additional or replacement plant material on the property again at the end of summer.
  • Pruning of the trees on property to prepare for hurricane season will be occurring in the next month.


Miscellaneous Topics

  • Shake/Shingles: Those of you that have been owners or lived on property for several years are aware of our issues with the cedar shakes on the sides of the building.  In short, the cedar shake material is failing much sooner than it’s expected life cycle.  Discussions and litigation with the manufacturer that went on for years resulted in a settlement which gave us some compensation and funds to use for repairs to the shingles.  As the product begins to fail at a faster pace, we know that the only real solution to the problem is to pursue a full replacement of our shingles with a different product.  Larry Palmisciano, with assistance from Keith Kiebzak, and Renee Alivento, has been leading a project to investigate current materials available and most importantly, what is being done on buildings just like ours in other areas of Florida and how long is it lasting.  Through this process, Larry was able to gather a lot of information and gather facts from these properties as well as contractors that performed replacements and installations at these other properties.

We are excited to announce that we have contracted the services of an Engineering group which has led the projects at many of these other sites.  They will provide knowledge, support, expertise and help us through all aspects of this large multi-year project.  Currently we are developing the project plan and determining cost and funding.  We are excited to be finally moving forward with this work and are hoping that we will be able to speed up the timeline for completion earlier than projected in our Reserve study.  We will keep you posted as the project moves forward and as decisions are made.

  • Insurance: Our Property Manager, Keith, has been doing some thorough research and comparison of the multiple insurance policies that we carry for Middlebrook Pines property and corporation.  Based on the findings of Keith’s investigation, we have been able to change to a new Insurance company and carrier.  AssuredPartners have expertise in policies for properties like ours and have been able to assist us in ensuring that the coverage we carry is customized to best fit our needs.  Through this process we have been able to change to a policy that better protects our property, has lower deductibles, and as a bonus, carries a lower premium.
  • Surveillance Reminder: We are finding owners or residents which have installed cameras to their fence, buildings, or in landscape areas.  While we understand the reasons and wish to have surveillance, you must have Board approval prior to installing anything in the exterior areas.  Please submit a request to the BOD prior to installing a camera to save yourself some frustration and perhaps wasting money.  We are reviewing the possibility of developing surveillance camera installation guidelines for future use but feel it necessary to first proceed with getting a legal opinion as to whether the installation of any cameras present any legal liability to the Association and Homeowners of MBP.


Miscellaneous Maintenance

  • Painting on buildings 26 through 38 has been completed. Then next 13 buildings will be completed during our Fiscal Year 2018.
  • We continue to do work to improve drainage issues in areas of the property where aging drainage in walkway areas is failing and needs to be replaced.


Rules and Regulations – Reminder

While we still have some issues, the vast majority of owners and residents are abiding by our rules and regulations.  This ensures that all of us can coexist in a comfortable community that we can feel proud about.  Sincere appreciation for your efforts.  If anyone is not familiar with our rules, you can find them on the “Documents” tab of our website.  Please familiarize yourself with the rules and ensure that you abide by them.

Words to Live by

“Whatever we accomplish belongs to our entire group, a tribute to our combined effort”

Walt Disney